A renewed approach towards life through running

If there is one thing that running has done tremendously for me, it is increase in mental strength. The more I challenged myself to increase speeds, distances and decrease time; there was a sense of achievement and confidence that was growing with it. I believe the more we challenge our body, the more we are able to combat difficulties in real life with an improve zeal. The setting of goals and striving hard to achieve them, makes one peaceful and happier from inside. This increase self-esteem and helps in gaining confidence.

Get yourself checked-up before running

For people who have a chronic illness, or are above 40 years of age, must definitely get their check-up done, before they think of starting a fitness regime by running. Experimenting with health and fitness at a later stage in life, can bring some level of risks, which should be taken care off.

Choosing the right hour

Not all times are perfect for exercising. So, choose the hour when you will be most comfortable at. It is always advisable to go for early hours in the morning, so that fresh oxygen can be received and running can be done with much human or traffic intervention.

Improve your mood and health by simply running

Happiness is all what we seek in life. Since, it has become pricy; we seek other means to make us happy. I remember I was going through a period of depression and sadness at a point of time, due to a near one passing away. My depression was keeping me unhappy and unhealthy, as I grew aversion to everything in life. So, a cousin of mine suggested that I should go for a run every day. I took the plunge a few days later, and I actually felt good! It actually kind of relieved me of the stress and helped clean my heart and mind. That is how I developed a love for running and continue doing it.

How can running keep you happy?

During running, certain feel good hormones called endocannabinoids are released, which immediately improve the mood and make you feel relaxed and happy. No matter whatever the duration of your running is, you will mostly definitely feel very good after it. So, if you have tried everything to get out of depression, try running. It will surely be very helpful. If you make it a habit, then you will surely heightened mood during the day and very good sleep at night.

A medicine for every ailment

It is a proven fact that if you run every day for 30-45 minutes, you will have a developed immune system and will be able to save yourself from any diseases. There would hardly be instances of heat, liver or kidney damage, if you are very particular about having a run every day. Make sure that you are taking the routine seriously and not avoiding it in any way. So, if you wish to keep your doctor miles away from your house, keep running and inspire others to do so to.

Running- the easiest exercise for all ages

The sense of freedom that we get from running makes it the best exercise for people who are concerned about fitness. This is in fact, the simplest exercise which we do not need to learn. Running not only gives pleasure, but also makes a great cardio routine. There are no rules and there are no limits. The more you run, the more will you be able to lose weight. For me, there are days when I don’t feel like working out at all. So, running for 15 minutes gives me the daily fitness that I desire for.

Why is it the best thing to start your routine with?

There are no special equipments that you need to buy, saving the comfortable sport shoes. You just need to purchase those shoes and run as much as you can. But you must make sure that you are injury-proof before you step on that zone. So, wear the right clothes and run in the right terrain.

Improving your health

Whether, on ground or on the treadmill, running helps improve health in a number of ways. I have noticed an increase in my strength and immunity, after I resorted to running. I generally am susceptible to diseases. But, after maintaining a fitness routine with 15-20 minutes of plain running, I am able to resist myself from getting effected by diseases. So, by jogging or running, one would be improving his lung function, and the risk of developing blood clots in specific areas of the brain and body, can be avoided to a large extent. Also, one necessarily does not have to have a schedule for it. If you have a busy life, try to run whenever you can. That would be truly helpful and keep you active and going. Go slow or fast, but run to save your body from damages.

Protect your bones from damage by running

One major reason to start running now, is the need to keep your bones and joints healthy. I would run simply because I enjoyed the morning feel and had always been a runner in school. Since, my grandmother started developing bone problems and the doctor gave inactivity of the bones as the major issue, I have become really serious about running, for my bone and joint health.

How can running help in increasing bone and joint strength?

Running helps in increasing the mass of bones. Bone loses mass with age. This is the reason behind incapability of old people to walk properly and their tremendously joint pains. Studies that proved that people who have a habit of running, are less likely to develop arthritis. So buy your running shoes today.

Weight loss and increase in flexibility

Running is very important for losing weight. If you are not knowledgeable enough about exercises that help in losing weight, then you will surely know about running. The muscles are toned and fat from the legs, hits, waist and arms are lost. Moreover, you will also gain flexibility with all the running. Thus, there is less possibility of you to get a fracture or injuring your bone, if you fall accidentally.

Health benefits of running

Running has tremendous health benefits. It is the easiest cardio exercise which requires no equipments, training or conditions. You can start running anywhere and everywhere. It is the ideal way of shaking off your laziness and improves your agility. The more you run, the more energy your body will be using, and therefore you will be losing more kilos. Not only will you stay fit and healthy, but also keep diseases at bay, by running.

What provoked me to take the run?

There is no background story behind what actually proved me to get into my running shoes and speed away, but there is a solid cause. A few cases of women with breast cancer had provoked me to search over the net for means to prevent breast cancer. Along with few food habits I discovered that running helps in keeping breast cancer at bay. That is when I decided to start running and built a secure future for myself. People who are in the early stages of osteoporosis, blood pressure and diabetes are suggested to go for jogging and running. A single run can help your heart to pump better. So, risks of heart attacks can be prevented as the elasticity of the arteries are improved.
Maintaining your weight

Losing weight is not enough. A lot of people tend to give up on exercising when they have lost a large amount of weight. This is when people generally get back all the weight. So, if you want to keep looking slim and trim, keep on running forever. All the food we consume should be burned away properly. If you make a habit of going for a long run every day, then you won’t even need to go on a diet to maintain your weight. Eat more and then burn away all the calories.

Benefits acquired during our late ages due to running

Can you imagine that running can help you become sharper? Yes, it is a proven fact, that sharpness of mind is one of the many rewards of running. A medical study was published in a magazine that I went through recently. I got to know that running can help fight age-induced mental disorders. If you really care about b4eing physically and mentally fit, even at 70 then start running from today.

Better mental health in late ages

Studies have proved that people above 50 years of age are more mentally healthy and sharp, if they are into exercising and running. On the contrary, people who aren’t too much into fitness can suffer serious mental health issues and lower IQ levels.

Helps in improving longevity

A dull and unused machine, gets out-of-work really soon. If you don’t want that to happen with your body, then keep running as much as you can. Running keeps all the internal and external organs of the body running in perfect condition till your old age. With all your parts working perfectly, you will be able to live longer and be the owner of a fit and healthy body, which is free from all health issues.